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Tradition with a modern twist

Metropolitan Estates is a boutique real estate brokerage firm based in Prague

We have been focusing on premium properities based in attractive residental locations and successfully providing our services since 2008.

Since our inception 15 years ago, our founder, Zuzana Mach has stayed true to delivering a personal and tailored service as she set out from the start. This approach is what our clients value and respect to this day.

Over the years we have expanded from our original client base of landlords, tenants and prospective owners to now include large corporations and investors who also appreciate our personalized approach.

Would you like to find out more about what we do and talk to us about how we can collaborate?
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Zuzana Mach

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy


Quality over quantity


Make it simple but significant


Stay truthfull


Keep an open mind

Meet our founder

Interview with Zuzana Mach


Zuzana, you began
your real estate cereer in 2003. What was it like?

"General public opinion about real estate brokers was not flattering."

"Brokers acting unprofessionally, owners not willing to allow photo shoots of the properities and presentations of poor quality were common. At that time, I was mainly helping expatriates with their housing needs in Prague. I knew it was necessary to give clients a different experience. The feedback was positive and thankfully those clients often shared their experience width colleagues and friends. This was the reason and also a great opportunity for me to establish my own firm."

What is your inspiration and motivation at work?

‘’I get inspired by working with people. I naturally enjoy meeting people with different cultural backgrounds. I like to listen to their stories. I guess that explains why I like to travel.’’ …laughs….
‘’Places, people, stories are my inspiration. Every time I witness an exceptional service, which is beyond my expectation, I get overwhelmed and I want our clients to experience the same here at Metropolitan Estates. I want to see happiness, on their faces.’’ …..pause..
‘’That gives me great motivation.’’

Talking about work…

‘’I believe in quality not quantity. Regardless of whether it is in friendships or closed deals, an authentic personal approach is what matters to me. I like fair play and am always truthful to my clients as well as to myself. ‘’

What have you learnt over your 15 years career as an entrepreneur?

‘‘The journey was tough and so I learnt a lot. Probably the most important lesson I learnt in the process is NOT to give up! I learnt to turn every setback and challenge into a meaningful lesson, something positive. I learnt to surround myself with positive and inspirational professionals and to be patient.
There have been many challenges that taught me to be true to myself, and listen to what my instincts are telling me. Last but not least, I have learnt that work-life balance matters.’’

‘’I guess my message is:
Stand up and keep going,
keep doing what you were doing
(or do it better). Give
it some time and believe,
it will be good again.’’

What do you like the most about your work?

‘’I enjoy visiting different locations, meeting owners and landlords and viewing properties, it has always been a thrill. During those years I stepped into many properties, explored hidden gems and had the pleasure of meeting many interesting people. I also love the creative part of my job, like the preparation of a campaign (styling of the property, photo shoots) and negotiations. My job is never boring, I can plan my schedule and keep a work-life balance.’’

Who is Zuzana when not working?

‘’Most of all I am a mum, spouse and a friend. I nurture all my relationships with love, time and perhaps sometimes with too much of an opinion.’’ ….laughs

‘’When in Prague, I buy local products at farmers’ markets, follow works of Czech and Slovak artist, designers, enjoy café et croissants, stroll streets of my favourite neighbourhoods like Vinohrady and Letna, explore new bistros and restaurants. Weekends are for family and friends. I like to host brunches and dinners at our home. I also enjoy exploring the beautiful Czech countryside with my family, and dog whenever we have time. That is how I recharge my batteries. ‘’

Zuzana March